abolish commemoration - critique of the discourse relating to the bombing of Dresden in 1945



‘Dissonanz’ author collective

Instrumental Memory

Functions of Collective Remembering
Mathias Berek


Dresden in the wake of Germany:

The myths of Dresden and the modification of German national history
Henning Fischer

“During the raid, we watched as the bombs fell like manna from heaven.”

Interview with Olga Horak
audioscript Dresden

“Look around you, now you know.”

Politics of peace initiatives within the context of the commemorations of the bombing raids of Dresden since 1980.
Claudia Jerzak

One Nation on the Screen: Dresden

Filmic Commemoration and German-German Memory Politics
Antonia Schmid

Slaughterhouse Dresden

Literary Memory in the Works of Kurt Vonnegut and Jonathan Safran Foer - Between Satire and Kitsch
Christine Künzel

Frauenkirchen Mania

The Frauenkirche, ‘Dresden Cathedral’ and the Reconstruction
Philipp Klein

From Memorial Space to Learning Place

Present and prospective (hi)story telling at the Dresden Heidefriedhof / Heath Cemetery
Swen Steinberg

Dresdner Monument Stories

Contradictions between Reconstrucion and Victim Identity
Philipp Klein

Dresden Christ Superstar

A Farce in five acts
Andrea Hübler

Dresden calls

How one of the biggest European Nazi parades came to be
Antifa Recherche Team Dresden (ART)

Legislated Commemoration

The new Saxony Assembly Act
Antifa Recherche Team Dresden (ART)


Suddenly, Unexpectedly, Senseless?

Dresden during National Socialism
René Haase

“Yesterday Dresden, today Korea, and tomorrow the whole world.”

The ideological charging of 13 February commemorations in the Soviet Occupied Zone and the GDR: early days and later developments.
Sophie Abbe

Make do and mend

The Commemoration of Dresden in Reunited Germany
Andrea Hübler


"But who ever asked us for pardon? Pardoning died in the deathcamps."

audioscript on the Persecution and Annihilation of the Jews in Dresden 1933 to 1945
Heike Ehrlich/Kathrin Krahl

"It was meant as a provocation to make people think about what is really going on in Germany at the moment."

Interview with Krischan, a delegate of the Anti-nationalist Plenum Hamburg
Conducted by Judith Lauer (»Dissonanz« Author Collective)

Chronology of the protests

‘Dissonanz’ author collective

»Dissonanz« Author Collective